The Post-Natal Pack in Clapham

Clapham Osteopathic Practice & SW4 Pilates have been proudly helping the people of Clapham with the Post-Natal Pack. Learn more about how the Post-Natal Pack can help you.

The Post-Natal Pack

Embracing Your Postnatal Journey: Movement, Pilates, and Osteopathy as a whole team

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, lots to look forward to and so many changes to embrace. However, we do know how scary it all can be.

We believe that a woman’s body is phenomenal and a miracle of nature. It is so empowering knowing that we can grow life, birth a baby (or two, or three !!).

As moms ourselves, we get it – the whirlwind of emotions and challenges that come with post-birth recovery. Feeling a bit worn out (ok, maybe completely worn out ), fragile, or like you’re piecing things together? Totally common, but this is way we are here to support you every step of the way.

The Journey

Pregnancy is a whole new ball game. Your body will change as well as your energy level and your breathing ability. Pilates is a super safe way of keeping your body active. This is very important, not just for you but also for your growing baby.

Did you know that mums who kept up their exercise practice during pregnancy had less painful and smoother labour, less chances of developing gestational diabetes and that it is super important to keep active as most of the musculoskeletal discomfort that develop during pregnancy can be avoided and made better through exercise and strengthening of the body.

(The most diffuse complain during pregnancy is LBP or pelvic floor dysfunction, causing PGP)

So when we say it is good for both of you, it really is more like necessary!

Nobody wants added stress when handling a baby.

Pre-natal Pilates will make sure to keep you mobile, strong and supple, ready for delivery. We spend a lot of time talking about the breathing and this is not the breathing to birth, but it is a restorative breathing that you will need for your post-natal recovery. The prenatal classes cover this already as trust me you won’t have the mental capacity to learn this with a baby! So best to get that technique in now, as soon as you can. So when the day comes, you just have to breathe.

Mobility and strength will be our main focus. Flexibility can wait.

Hormones are going crazy right now trying to make and keep your body supple ready for accommodating the growing foetus and prepare you for birth (this happens not matter what birth you choose) and this will mean that keeping your ranges at a more control angle will be more useful to you than to overstretch.

Pelvic floor exercises will also be covered in our prenatal classes. These will be targeting both the strengthening and lengthening of these extremely important muscles.

All of this will prepare you for your life after baby too.

Assessments, and getting you started

Our first stop on this exciting journey is the Mummy MOT at Clapham Osteopathic Practice, our beloved and trusted neighbours. A team of wonderful women’s health pros doing a comprehensive assessment to understand where you’re at post-birth. This is a very important first step as it helps us craft a recovery plan tailored precisely to your needs. The osteo will then complete a report and hand it over to us at SW4 Pilates.

We then will carry on our movement assessment, of course baring in mind what the osteos have found and put in their report about you. We will reteach, review and tailor, breathing exercises to help you recover your diastasis recti, get your body strong, functional and pain free.

A Plan Just For You

Of course, you can be as involved as you want.

Based on your assessment, we’ll recommend the best path forward whether it’s follow-up appointments or personalised Pilates packages. Think of this plan like a roadmap to your post-baby wellness, designed to fit you like a glove. But ultimately the last word is yours.  We can give you the info, and you can do whatever you want with it.

The Marvels of Pilates: Beyond Pregnancy

Let’s talk Pilates—it’s a game-changer, especially during and after pregnancy. Not only does it focus on your core, flexibility, and posture, but it also boosts your mental resilience. It’s like a workout for your body and mind, keeping you positive and strong through the changes.

Osteopathy: Your Body's Support System

Partnering with a skilled osteopath during postnatal recovery is like having a trusted ally by your side. They’ll look at the bigger picture—tackling musculoskeletal issues, aligning your body post-birth, and ensuring your Pilates routine fits seamlessly into your recovery plan.

On top of this the wonderful Linda Vezzoli, acclaimed Nutritionist will offer a

Bridging the Gap for Postnatal Care

We noticed a little gap in the support new moms were getting from the NHS. That’s why we’ve crafted the Post-Natal Pack—it’s a bundle of comprehensive care designed just for you. It includes top-notch osteopathic care, tailored Pilates exercises, and even nutritional guidance. We care, as mums ourselves, we understand. You are not alone.

You and Your Wellness Matter

Remember, your well-being is key to being the amazing mum your little one deserves. Your safety is paramount to us. We’re here to make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and totally in charge on this journey. You can ask all the questions, tell us what you think and how you feel on a day to day, and we can adapt the course of your recovery as it best suits you.

Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of every body, embracing the stories each and everyone of us tell. Your body’s been through a lot, probably the most and it’s time to give it the care and love it deserves.

Welcome to your postnatal adventure, where we’re on a mission together to rediscover your best, most incredible self.